About US


•In a globalizations era the need for high quality internet access connection that can accommodate any type of business are demanded by corporate sector or personal sector which are located at rural area, deep jungle, remote area which can connect the sector to the world.

•In the journey through the competitive and challenging business sector with our loyal, high dedication staff and professional vendor PDU become one of the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in Indonesia.

•PDU was born by the idea of Suhendi Leoputra as Managing Director. It start as Internet Café (Veteran Net) inaugurated in 2000 and because of the rapid progress of the internet needs, rises the idea to change Veteran Net to become Internet Service Provider thus PDU was born.

Our Services

Internet Network

Design & build the internet network for Business Company, Government Institute, Site Project, Hotel and Café.

CCTV Networking

Design & build the CCTV network for Company, Government Institute, Private Sector, Site Project and Hotel.


Server Installation & Maintenance, Email Hosting, Web Hosting, Design Website, Domain Registration for website, for company, Government Institute , Hotel etc.

Hardware Sales

Hardware sales to accommodates our Internet Network and CCTV Networking ( WIFI, Antenna, Radio, Dial Up, CCTV and others supporting hardware)


To maintain and improve our high level of quality services so that we can grow bigger and preferred Internet service Provider in Indonesia.


We will implement ultra-fast advanced technology as an essential service to our client.

We will be competitive, affordable, generate economic growth and create jobs, while acting as good stewards to our clients.